Darkwreath Brethren: A New Challenger Approaches…

So by now (if you have been reading our previous posts) you will have been hearing a lot about this ‘Malystorm’ character and wondering just where he is, and why he is not posting anything, leaving AetherWheldrake to the mercy of the internet all by themselves.

Well the time for silence has reached an end, and it is time to take the leap, and go ‘forward’ into the black murky depths. I am the long prophesied Malystorm, here to save you from the monotony of wild theories from Wheldrake and provide a little more sanity to this Blog.

As mentioned we shall soon be starting YouTube, and its effectively my job to get us to play a wider range of content for you guys, and drag Wheldrake through all that the wide range of gaming has to offer. Probably focusing mostly on trying to keep him alive…..

So for now I bid you farewell, but expect to hear from me soon.



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