Warhammer 40k: Adeptus Custodes Codex Review

So I have had the new codex for well over a Week now and finally have had a chance to finish reading it… and as much as I hate to say it…. It’s really quite amazing.

I have always loved the Adpetus Custodes, mostly because-they just kind of sit there… waiting… with an almost mythical power, and sense of ceremony surrounding them. So at first… when I heard that Papa Smurf had thrown us out among the stars… I was not very happy.

I need to make this very clear from the start. Custodes are nobody’s lapdogs, and Guilliman is not our emperor. Custodes only have 1 master, and he doesn’t say much anymore… but after reading the codex even I have been convinced that they are doing the right thing, even if it’s for the wrong person.

And anyway, it opens up a lot more opportunities for my collection to grow larger than the humble size it is at present.

Right, enough of the lore for now, let’s have a look at the units.

Custodian Guard – These are your… cheap… infantry squads. Rocking in at only the price of 5 and a half fire warriors they are a steal…..

Okay so they are slightly expensive, but when picking up Custodes you have to understand something very important. You are not making an army of line troops. This is an army of HEROES. Each and every single guy on your side of the field is basically equal to the enemy’s commander. They can and WILL kill everything that they touch, that’s just what they do.

Another thing to note about the guard… is that they simply do not die. I started collecting them when they got released in the previous edition and was surprised by just how much punishment they can take, and if anything they have just been made STRONGER. I remember the first time I played with them, I and Wheldrake had gone to a small tournament, and I was slightly worried that I only had 20 men, and two dreadnoughts. Against armies numbering 4/5 times my number. I also remember never losing more than 5 men in any single game….

Custodian Wardens – Okay…. so this unit annoys me slightly. I do not understand the need for a separate unit entry, they are simply slightly better than the guard, with extra attack/leadership, and access to the castellan axes… oh and FNP. Fluff-wise I do not really see the need, all Custodes are supposed to be essentially equals. The most annoying thing however is that they are EXACTLY THE SAME MODELS WITH ONE EXTRA PIECE. Come on GW… make a bit more effort in grabbing our money…

Allarus Custodians – very very pretty models… but I am not going to use them. They simply are not that much better than the guard/wardens to justify their points hike. The Allarus are clad in very imposing suits of auramite, making them look incredibly tough on the battlefield. Except… the only benefit they have over their brothers is +1 wound, deep strike, and a grenade launcher. Now… the grenade launcher is pretty good… and the deep strike is a nice ability… but only +1 wound for being in the best armour the Imperium can offer?. I think I would rather spend my points on something…. else.

Venerable Contemptor Dreadnought – It’s a dreadnought with FNP… can’t really go wrong, and the model looks cool. Next.

Vertus Praetors – Custodians…. on jet bikes…. Now custodians are slow, but are essentially an unmovable object. Jet bikes are fast… but generally die pretty easily. Custodian jet bikes are fast, and have custodians riding them so I guess that makes them an unstoppable force?

These are easily the best units in the codex. They have all the benefits of custodians, except they can get anywhere they need to be, and they have HURRICANE BOLTORS. I have always been a fan of the hurricane boltor, and the belief that lots of shots beats out one powerful shot is alive and well in the new edition. so how about lots of shots.. hitting on 2’s.. Followed by a charge of some of the emperors finest? Yes please. Point them at a target and that target will die… no questions asked.

BUT each man will cost you the same as a standard full squad… but who cares? When they will easily kill 3 in return.

Venerable Land Raider – it’s a land raider… with FNP… but do custodians really need an extra layer of auramite around them? Are you are that scared of them dying?

Shield Captains – because all of the captains are essentially the same I’m going to deal with them together. They are effectively equal to 2 guardsmen… they are not amazingly impressive, but that’s just because they are next to already impressive troops. However, they do allow your men to reroll 1’s to hit (which when everything hits on a 2 is pretty nice) and if you take Trajaan that then applies to wounds as well, which is a nice bonus.

They are pretty strong models in their own right, but I wouldn’t sink many points into them, you will need 1 to make the army battle forged, and give all your men the 4+ invulnerable, and then just let then carve their own bloody path through the battlefield.

So that’s about it for the units, my recommendation? Pile as many guardsmen/wardens you can into your list, back it up with 1/2 squads of jet bikes and watch as your enemy wasted their entire turn trying to kill even 1 man. inevitably they will focus fire your jet bikes, but don’t worry about that, by the time they have dealt with them (if they manage) you will have hordes of golden demigods beating their army into a pulp, leaving them wondering why they even bothered to show up.

I have rambled on for quite enough now so I am going to leave it here, I will probably do another post about some of the lore behind the codex at a later date so stay tuned for that!

Got any ideas for your own Adeptus Custodes army? Leave a comment on a postcard below.

– Malystorm




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