Warframe FanFic: Day 1

"This is the martian-born?" the muffled voice could be heard faintly through the glass. "They all are, I thought that was part of the design?" said another. "Quite a stock..." replied the first. With a wave of his hand the frosting on the glass focused, allowing them to see through into the pen. Into my... Continue Reading →

Warframe FanFic: Old Bones

Scrap paper. Rough-edged pen. The faint scent of intoxicating aromas and delicate oils. "Orokin?" she said, "Of course, they can try hide their handwriting all they want..." he replied, "You really fancy heading to the outer termini?" "Not really, but the pay is handsome..." "Leave a note at the contact point - I want the... Continue Reading →


Clearly Trump has been playing too much Command & Conquer: Generals with his latest notion that America should "...not just have a presence in space, but dominance...".

A UPS Service Announcement

A quick, if unwanted update (from both ends) regarding YouTube... UPS sucks. There. I said it. My new computer was supposed to arrive yesterday, then today, and now tomorrow. Unfortunately due to work schedules and other prior arrangements even if it arrives tomorrow we will not be able to start recording until next week, but... Continue Reading →

Off-Topic: Marches & Protests

This will not happen often, if ever again, and I want to preface this by saying I am not homophobic, racist, a bigot, a chauvinist, or any of these tags one may wish to brand upon reading this piece. The Women's March yesterday in Seattle, WA, was terrifying to behold. This is not purely about... Continue Reading →

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