Darkwreath – invading your space, one social media account at a time…

That's right, we've broken into Facebook... Yeah, that's about it really! We're aiming to use it as a quick way to bullet-in new videos et-al, so we won't be bombarding you with them here - our blog will remain for fully written posts only. If you would like to support us further, follow the links... Continue Reading →

Warhammer 40K: Codex Drukhari thoughts

Straight to the point here - why didn't I make a coming soon for T'au? Because nobody likes them (in a derogatory way, not in a popularity of the blog way...) and why didn't I make a coming soon for Necrons? ... because that's Malystorm's department. Why am I making a Druk- ... Dark Eldar coming soon?... Continue Reading →

Town of Salem: Let’s Play!

Let's Play - Town of Salem is now live! A new one for the channel - do you want to see more of it? Let us know! Today I'm reminded that a 2-player group on Discord is a first-class ticket to ... lying to each other. Don't forget to support the (small) channel by Subscribing and hitting... Continue Reading →

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