Darkwreath – invading your space, one social media account at a time…

That's right, we've broken into Facebook... Yeah, that's about it really! We're aiming to use it as a quick way to bullet-in new videos et-al, so we won't be bombarding you with them here - our blog will remain for fully written posts only. If you would like to support us further, follow the links... Continue Reading →

Destiny 2: Is this SEKRIS?

There are no spoilers here, just a quick question... Bungie released this artwork of Prince Uldren and his Barons... but doesn't one of them ring a bell? This guy. This Baron. The one carrying Shanks on his back. Is this Sekris? The only one of Calus' Shadows not to die on an assassination attempt against Ghaul? The... Continue Reading →

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