Warframe FanFic: Day 1

"This is the martian-born?" the muffled voice could be heard faintly through the glass. "They all are, I thought that was part of the design?" said another. "Quite a stock..." replied the first. With a wave of his hand the frosting on the glass focused, allowing them to see through into the pen. Into my... Continue Reading →

Warframe FanFic: Old Bones

Scrap paper. Rough-edged pen. The faint scent of intoxicating aromas and delicate oils. "Orokin?" she said, "Of course, they can try hide their handwriting all they want..." he replied, "You really fancy heading to the outer termini?" "Not really, but the pay is handsome..." "Leave a note at the contact point - I want the... Continue Reading →

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